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Wide Selection of Planters and Flower Troughs

Planters offer a wonderful opportunity to create a homely atmosphere with plants, both for amateur gardeners and balcony owners. On a balcony, plants cannot be planted directly into the ground, which makes the use of plant pots inevitable. Planters are available in many colours, shapes and materials - to suit every style and taste. As planters can be used both in outdoor and indoor areas, you should first decide where you are going to put the planter. Depending on its use, fibreglass, stainless steel, plastic and other planters offer different advantages.

Fibreglass Planters

Fibreglass planters are made of a mixture of artificial resin and fibreglass, and sometimes also contain a small amount of stone. The addition of stone ensures a natural appearance, similar to plant pots made of stone or clay. Another advantage of fibreglass plant pots is that they are relatively lightweight. If fibreglass planters are being used indoors, they can either be planted directly or using an inner container. When being used outdoors, you should drill a hole in the bottom of the planter to ensure that rainwater can drain away. Fibreglass plant pots are available in many different colours and shapes, and are characterised by their extremely hard, frost- and winter-proof surfaces.

Stainless Steel Planters

Stainless steel planters look particularly refined and exclusive. A bright-coloured plant in conjunction with a funky, elegant stainless steel plant pot is a real eye-catcher in any entrance area. Planters made of stainless steel are equally suited to indoor or outdoor use. Thanks to the material’s resistance to rust, these planters make a good impression in your entrance area at any time of year.

Water Hyacinth Planters

Plant pots made from water hyacinth are characterised by their natural and yet elegant appearance. They are hand-crafted and made from sustainable raw materials. Water hyacinth is a very fast growing plant mainly used to produce basketware. Water hyacinth flower pots are lightweight and can be used to decorate indoor spaces, balconies and patios. Our shop provides a wide selection of water hyacinth planters.

Plastic Planters

In principle, plastic planters can be made in two different ways: injection moulding or through a rotating process. The rotation method is much more laborious, but offers an alternative to smooth fibreglass planters by producing rough and natural-looking surfaces. And of course, plastic as a raw material for making plant pots offers almost limitless colour variations. However, it should be taken into account that UV-resistant plastic pellets must be used when making plastic plant pots to prevent discoloration. The latest highlight in our product range is our selection of illuminated LED planters made of weatherproof plastic.

Quality Features

Planters of all materials have one thing in common: they are available in a range of qualities. Differences in quality can be seen in e.g. material thickness, processing methods, UV resistance and type of paint. We rely fundamentally on high-quality standards in all areas, and want our customers to enjoy our planters now, and in the long term.

Fibreglass or Fibreclay Planter?

The difference between a fibreglass planter and a fibreclay planter lies in the composition of the material used for production. A fibreclay planter is made out of fibreglass, resin and stone flour. Whereas a fibreglass planter is purely made out of fibreglass and resin – which makes the planter far more robust und stable. A fibreclay planter can easily be damaged during transport and is in general not very shock-resistant. Therefore we only sell planters and plant troughs made out of fibreglass and resin as fibreclay plant pots do not meet our high-quality criteria.

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The right plant pot for you

If you prefer high-quality planters characterised by their variety and robustness, winter-proof planters made from fibreglass or plastic are the perfect choice. The main difference between both planters is the appearance: while fibreglass plant pots have a very smooth surface, plastic planters feel rough to the touch.

Terracotta Planter

Planters and plant troughs made out of plastic, fibreglass or fibreclay have a natural appearing finish. Their surface reminds one of plant pots made out of terracotta, stone or clay. Terracotta plant pots are quite popular but they are frail and are not very shock-resistant. Hence, planters and plant troughs made out of modern material e.g. plastic, fibreclay etc. are more robust than terracotta plant pots. If you especially like the “terracotta-look” you will find a large selection of terracotta-coloured planters in our shop. They look like real terracotta planters but are – because of the use of modern materials – stable, weather- and even frost-proof. Our planters are not only available in terracotta, you can also order them with an unqiue terrazzo look. Similar to terracotta, plant pots with a terrazzo finishing are a quite popular choice. "Terrazzo" is an old pattern that goes back to ancient times. E.g. during the Roman Empire many floors had a terrazzo look.

If you are looking for something more extravagant, then a robust yet sophisticated stainless steel planters might be the way to go. Illuminated LED planters for indoor use offer an even more striking alternative. If you are more interested in a rectangular plant trough or a large flower trough, you'll find a wide selection of plant troughs in our plant trough category. Very popluar are our large, rectangular VISIO 50 Plastic Plant Troughs. They have a lenght of 100cm and are 50cm high. Ideal dimensions for planting herbs, flowers or bushes.

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DECORAS Plant Pots

Plant pots, troughs and planters by DECORAS are not only products of high quality and durability, they have also a unique and modern look. All DECORAS planters are produced under highest standards and undergo various quality checks. Our plant pots are currently produced in three different countries. For example, most fibreglass planters are manufactured in time-consuming handwork in South East Asia. Thereby, it is possible to create a surface which is not only natural-looking, but also has a natural touch – it feels like the plant pot is made out of stone, terracotta or clay. A lot of craftsmanship is needed to manufacture DECORAS fibreglass planters.

Quality “Made in Germany”

Since spring 2017 we are manufacturing more and more of our plastic planters in Germany. This enables us to produce planters in a very sophisticated quality and we are able to make adjustments of the productions process very quickly. Changes in design or the composition of the used plastic granules can easily be adopted. The quality of the used raw materials speak for itself. The used plastic granules have a very low amount of recycled material und is therefore very UV-resistant. Due to this circumstance we can guarantee our customers’ 8-years of UV-resistance for all our plastic planters manufactured in Germany.

If you’d like to know more about the production and quality standards of your planters, please feel free to contact us at any time via e-mail or just give us a call.

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