Artificial plants

The variety of artificial plants is as rich as nature itself: Trees, shrubs, grass, flowers and exotic palms can be admired both in their natural form and as artificial plants. In order to achieve the most realistic design, our artificial plants are designed with many details. Although the plants are mostly made of plastic, the further processing and treatment is often carried out by hand. Color accents and small irregularities are intentionally set to achieve this typical natural and realistic appearance of our artificial plants.

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Where can our artificial plants be used?

In principle, artificial plants can be used both indoors and outdoors. Since only high-quality materials such as UV-resistant plastic granulate are used for the production of artificial plants, wind, weather and intensive sunlight cannot damage the artificial plants. Accordingly, artificial plants are predestined for the design of representative outdoor and entrance areas, as they do not age visibly and therefore do not give off an unkempt appearance.

Advantages of artificial plants

The advantages of artificial plants are obvious: they are very easy to maintain because they require neither water nor fertilizer or sunlight. Artificial plants do not require special care. Especially when used in offices, this is a decisive advantage over "real" plants, as watering and fertilizing cannot be forgotten. Artificial plants always look fresh and never withered.

Our artificial plants can be perfectly combined with our large range of plant pots. We offer our customers a large selection of plant troughs and plant pots made of plastic, fiber glass, water hyacinth, poly-rattan and stainless steel. Do you have questions about one of our products? Then please contact our customer service directly. They will help you in a friendly and competent way.