The needs of our gardens are constantly in flux. Each season demands that we change our gardening habits and adjust to the climate. Follow there tips to create an awesome garden. Get the most out of your garden this winter season by heeding these words of advice.


With a wide range of planters in stock you've got plenty of options at your disposal. But which planter is right for you? Let this article be your guide.


Just because winter is almost here doesn’t mean you have to stop gardening. The seasoned gardener knows that there’s a special category of plants that thrive in winter conditions. So make room in those planters and dust off the garden hoes; it’s time to get planting.


Flower pots are a great way of providing variety to terraces and gardens - barren concrete is turned into a small, green oasis. Once set up and planted, owners can enjoy their plant pots for a long time, without having to do much more than occasionally water the plants. However, if pots remain waterlogging for a long time, or if the root ball becomes matted, they should be repotted immediately. This is the only way to prevent plants being damaged by rot. Repotting is also necessary if plants “outgrow” their pot.


Just because winter's here doesn't mean you have to stop gardening. Move your passion into the home by planting herbs indoors.


In autumn, when the trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and flowers have long since disappeared, hardly anyone thinks about plant care. Most people have long since “winter-proofed” their gardens, pruned their hedges and shrubbery, and covered their delicate flowerbeds and plant pots with bark mulch or jute sacks - so winter can come and leave nature at a standstill, as if frozen.