Styling Your Home with Planters

When decorating one’s home with flowers and other aesthetically pleasing plants people tend to spend a lot of time focusing on which plant to introduce into their home rather than the planter. An appropriate analogy would be to compare the pairing of a flower and planter to a painting and its frame. While a painting can stand alone, it is enhanced when supported aesthetically by the proper frame. Browse our range of planters today to find the pairing your plants and flowers need. To save you a bit of time we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourites.

Rondomatic Red

What differentiates planters from frames is the degree of symbiosis. While frames are limited in what they offer paintings, this Rondomatic planter supports your plant with a sophisticated irrigation system. Not only is it a valuable tool in cultivating a healthy plant, but its red glossy sheen offers a welcomed contrast to the tranquillity of your plant. A piece such as this will help give your home the colour it deserves – which is more than welcome during the colder seasons.

Planter VISIO

Here at Planters Online you’ll be able to find planters in a multitude of styles. With you in mind we’ve assembled a stock of planters that can satisfy the artistic palette of any homeowner. If you’re currently living in a mid-century of modern styled home and yearn for the delicate pairing of plants and minimalism, we recommend the planter VISIO. This sleek style does not only offer your home the gentle equilibrium you were looking for but proves its worth by bring offering functional bonuses by being frost and UV-resistant.

LUNA Flower Pot

We all have those little pockets of space in our homes that we feel need a little extra zest to make the space complete. With the addition of the LUNA flower pot you’ll finally have a room that has been artistically crafted to perfection. The appeal of this flower pot can be found in its petite size and shape. This egg of a pot has a playful shape that will give a bit of character to any dull space.


There are some plants that completely overshadow the pot that it’s stationed in. Very rarely does a pot ever outshine its inhabitant. When you use the CUBO BRITO you have one of those rare moments when the pot is receiving most of the attention. Its style is reminiscent of Victorian architecture and is built to last. This piece can work either indoors or outside.

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