Features of plant care in autumn and winter

2015-12-16 11:15:00 /

In autumn, when the trees and shrubs have lost their leaves and flowers have long since disappeared, hardly anyone thinks about plant care. Most people have long since “winter-proofed” their gardens, pruned their hedges and shrubbery, and covered their delicate flowerbeds and plant pots with bark mulch or jute sacks - so winter can come and leave nature at a standstill, as if frozen.

Of course, there are evergreen plants such as conifers, laurels and other similar plants which maintain their colour and their needles/leaves, but most gardeners also think that these plants no longer require their care, and have headed inside to the warmth, perhaps to start planning Christmas.

But even in winter, all plants need a minimum of care! In low temperatures, newly planted seedlings in particular need enough water to form roots. And if they have been planted in plant pots, they require a little more attention. Firstly, plant pots should be wrapped in an insulating material such as Styrofoam or fleece mats, as plant pots are rarely surrounded by soil like plants in the ground.

The most important factor in winter plant care, however, is the water supply - you might not believe it, but even during extremely frosty phases plants need water. Especially seedlings. Therefore, any frost-free period in winter should be used to water your plants, especially those in pots - about once a week is quite enough, and a little less water than you would use in spring or summer.