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Advantages and disadvantages of flower pots

When it comes to finding suitable decorations for indoor and outdoor plants, flower boxes are an increasingly popular choice for plant lovers. The range of designs are particularly diverse as flower boxes are available in a wide variety of materials. To quickly find the perfect model, compare the different surfaces with one another. The pros and cons of each material are listed.

Terracotta flower box - no longer modern
Terracotta flower boxes are no longer a popular choice and have fallen out of fashion in recent years. This is not surprising since they are generally extremely expensive and undesirable patina can form after a few months which ruins the appearance of the flower box with its greenish tinge. The material is also not frost-resistant and therefore needs to be moved indoors each winter. Other lighter and more frost-resistant materials are available in a terracotta effect making the need for the original and its disadvantages unnecessary.

Fibreglass flower box - diverse and durable
Fibreglass has become a widely used material for flower boxes in garden areas. Resin combined with fibreglass mats are extremely durable, weather-resistant and lightweight. The variety of stones allow surfaces to be created that match your patterns, stones, clay, terracotta or concrete. In particular,large flower boxes are mostly produced from fibreglass. We also recommend fibreglass flower boxes for outdoor areas. View our fibreglass section here.

Zinc flower boxes - affordable and lightweight
When it comes to making outdoor areas greener, various materials need to be considered, each of which have their advantages and disadvantages. Zinc flower boxes are an affordable option. Flower boxes made from zinc sheets are available in zinc-coated or alternative painted colours. Painted surfaces are better suited for use in indoor areas. Thanks to its thin material, zinc flower boxes are very light and can be easily relocated.

Plastic flower boxes - robust and affordable
Completely different to plastic plant pots and flower boxes, this has experienced a real revival over the last few years. Rotationally moulded plastic flower boxes are defined as high-quality garden products with an attractive surface. The injection-moulded plastic flower boxes in our range are also of excellent quality. Our plastic flower boxes offer many benefits over other materials when it comes to UV resistance, maintenance and longevity. Plastic flower boxes are durable and weather-resistant, providing many years of joy.

Polyrattan flower boxes
Polyrattan flower boxes provide an alternative option for growing plants. Polyrattan flower boxes work perfectly with polyrattan garden and lounge furniture. The plastic fibres of the flower boxes need to be produced from UV-resistant plastic to allow the polyrattan flower box to be used outdoors. Polyrattan flower boxes are a classic type of planter.

Rusted steel flower boxes - turning rust into decoration
Rusted steel has become a popular decorative element in many gardens in recent years. This sheet steel with a rust effect, also known as Corten steel, is perfect for outdoor use. If the rust patina is coated with a clear varnish, the rusted steel flower box can also be placed indoors.