Plant pots

Plant pots are getting more and more popular to decorate and design interior and exterior spaces e.g. living rooms, offices, patios, balconies and especially gardens. With the right planter you can easily create little green oases or use them as interior design elements. Modern plant pots are available in all kind of shapes and sizes. But the most distinguished feature is that all modern planters are made out of robust, hard-wearing materials such as fibreglass, plastic or stainless steel.

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Flower pots

Decorating your terrace or balcony doesn?t have to be difficult. Flower pots, planters, plant troughs -are the first choice, when decorating your balcony or terrace. With our flower pots it is so easy to create a green oasis to enjoy relaxed moments in a beautiful atmosphere.

Our planters are ideal for growing your own fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers or small trees on your balcony or terrace. They also serve to embellish walls, driveways or stairways.

Planters made of modern materials such as plastic or fiberglass are also perfectly suitable as interior decoration. Their clear lines and harmonious proportions give a room a special style and a special atmosphere.


The choice of the appropriate material - What makes our flower pots so unique?

Flower pots can be made of many different materials and are suitable for indoor or outdoor use. So far so good, but why do the "same" materials often differ in price? Let us explain this difference using fiberglass as an example.

We have to admit, that planters made of a fiberglass-stone mixture are looking quite attractive. They are often said to have excellent properties such as frost and heat resistance due to the special material combination. The problem is that the basic material of these flower pots is high-quality fiberglass, but the covering is only a layer of cheap powdered natural stone (called Fiberclay or Fiberstone) in different grain sizes.

That´s why frost resistance and longevity can´t be guaranteed. Additives like rock flour make the material of the large flower pots brittle and heavier. It can lead to unsightly efflorescence and lime spots on the surface - but of course these planters are cheaper to produce and the end prices are lower.

Since we focus on the high quality of our products, we are producing them without superfluous additives like rock flour. For the production we are using only synthetic resin and pure fiberglass.

You can be sure that planters-online offers to its customers, highest quality and durability.

You will find more information about our different planters and qualities in the following detailed overview:

Fiberglass planters - robust, elegant and lightweight

With our stylish, elegant fiberglass planters, filled with for example palm trees, olive trees or colorful geraniums you will create a cosy atmosphere in your garden, on your terrace, in an office or in your apartment. Both with colorful deciduous plants and with evergreen perennial plants you will be able to create a relaxed feel-good atmosphere and a positive environment.

Used indoors, our flower pots harmonize particularly well with furniture and other modern room elements due to their simple shape and straight-line angular elegance and their timeless beauty.

Please note: if fiberglass, then please without cheap additives

After an extensive testing of different compositions, we have decided to use only pure fiberglass mixed with synthetic resin for the production of our XXL flower pots. This makes them particularly light, robust, resistant, weather-proof and frost-proof.

The consistent high quality of our fiberglass and plastic planters is a central concern for us and has been confirmed by TÜV Rheinland in accordance with DIN EN 60068-2-38:2010-06.

So our inexpensive fiberglass planters not only convince with great and unusual designs, but above all with their outstanding material properties.

Plastic planters - weatherproof, UV-resistant and lightweight

If you want to give your garden, balcony, terrace or office a new fresh design, you should use our beautiful, high-quality plastic plant pots in XXL.

Different shapes, colors and sizes offer a lot of creative freedom to transform your garden, home or office into an oasis of peace and wellness and to improve your health and wellbeing.

Plastic planters can be easily repositioned, so that redecoration can be carried out at any time.

The low tare weight, the UV and weather resistance of the planters allow a flexible usage and positioning, especially outdoors. We can highly recommend our plastic planters if you want to put them inside during winter time.

How are our plastic planters produced?

Production with rotational molding processes:

A rotating mould is filled with plastic powder. The mould rotates in the melting oven chamber at around 300°C. The plastic granulate melts and adheres to the walls of the mould. Once the component has stabilized in a two-stage cooling process, it can be carefully removed from the mould for final cooling.

Flower pots made of organic polymers are among the most robust pots. They are absolutely weatherproof and can be placed outside all year round. They are non-toxic and tension free. Our German and Italian manufacturers are using exclusively high-quality plastic granulate (polyethylene or polypropylene) to prevent the plant pots from fading and breaking.

A highlight of our product range, are illuminated LED flower pots made of weatherproof plastic. With their light, they are creating a very special atmosphere in your garden or on your terrace. Another highlight is a garden ball lamp with LED in different diameters, which is a wonderful addition to our planters and brings even more cosiness and comfort in its surrounding.

Tip: The DECORAS plastic containers are "Made in Germany" and cannot be compared with cheap DIY store models. In contrast to many other suppliers, our troughs are not produced by an injection molding process but by a more complex rotation molding process. This production process makes it possible to manufacture extremely stable, inexpensive plant pots with a roughened, natural-looking surface. They do not appear "artificial" at all and at first glance, it is not even apparent that they are made of organic polymers. In addition, there is an 8-year guarantee on UV resistance. We source all our plastics from European providers. For more details, please refer to the respective product description.

Poly rattan planter – trendy, weatherproof and lightweight

Garden furniture made of poly rattan is totally trendy! But not only lounge and furniture can be made from Poly rattan, but also high quality plant pots. Poly rattan is probably one of the most durable materials. This synthetic fiber is UV-resistant, weatherproof and can withstand strong temperature fluctuations (from -85 to +90 ° Celsius!) Therefore, it is possible to use them indoors and outdoors without any problems. Another advantage is, that these planters are very lightweight and can be moved easily.

Water hyacinth flowerpot - 100% natural look

You can't go wrong with a flower pot made of water hyacinth - the material is 100% natural and organic and comes originally from Africa, Asia and South America. However, it has also established itself in our zones.

For the production of water hyacinth plant pots, the stems of the plant are dried and afterwards braided into ropes. In the past, the planting of water hyacinth has caused major environmental problems. People wanted to use it as an ornamental plant, but the plant spread far too quickly and started to grow everywhere. In order to resolve the ecological problem, it is used to make all kinds of wickerwork.

Water hyacinth is the perfect material for all those who want to use a natural, warm material which is environmentally sustainable. It is organic, biodegradable and therefore recyclable. It looks very harmonious matching with every type of furniture and living style!

Unfortunately you can use these planters only indoors as the natural material is not weatherproof. The pots are available with angular and round shapes, in light or dark brown and even in a set of 2 or 3 (CUBO) - and the price is unbeatable.

Terracotta planters

We have completely removed terracotta planters from our product range because plant pots in terracotta or clay have too many disadvantages such as their heavy weight, or their risk of algae infestation, which is hardly avoidable.

Planters made of fiberglass or plastic with a terracotta look are a suitable alternative, which becomes more and more important because these pots are lightweight, shockproof and winter proof.

Short Summary: Plant pots are available in many different materials. Before buying a plant pot, you should think carefully about which one is most suitable for you. Not only the shape is important, but also the material. Nowadays flower pots made from modern materials have proved to be extremely popular. Plastic and fiberglass planters are not only convincing with unusual designs, but also with outstanding material properties. Both, plastic and fiberglass planters are particularly robust, resistant, weather-proof and frost-proof. An important point is that no cheap rock flour is added to the basic material. Flower pots made of fiberglass or plastic are much more lightweight compared with conventional materials like terracotta or clay.

Choice of color and shape

Our plant pots are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes. We are offering for example nearly 16 colors at the moment. So the choice is not easy.

Choice of color

White, black, anthracite and grey are timeless colors. For example the color anthracite, which is our best sold color, stands for timeless elegance and beauty. It is shimmering nearly black and can be combined with all other color shades. Therefore it is the perfect all-rounder to decorate your terrace, larger garden areas or public places. The choice of the right planter depends on the taste of the user or the observer. There are also unusual colors such as violet, terracotta, turquoise, green or bronze. With these fresh colors you can create an eye-catcher indoors or outdoors. You can never go wrong with these trendy colors. With our affordable flower pots in XXL format in different pastel shades, it is so easy to create a warm and natural atmosphere. Using the appropriate plants you can transform your garden into a Mediterranean or exotic oasis. In general, it is recommended to use strong contrasts. Light-colored patio tiles, for example, should contrast strongly with the green foliage of various palms and exotic plants.

Choice of the form

Rectangular forms are just as suitable as round forms. It is depending on the personal taste and the intended use.

Possible uses for round or square planters are, for example:

  • As an eye-catcher in the middle of a room, garden, terrace
  • As room divider in restaurants or offices
  • As decoration

Our team from Pflanzkuebel-direkt has thought a lot about the various possible uses. Therefore, all models can be easily combined with each other. You are welcome to call us or contact us by E-Mail if you have any questions. We ALWAYS look forward to help you to create the perfect decoration for your dream garden and living space.

How to use the flower pots

A flower pot or planter is suitable for every sort of plant if green or blooming. It can be annual blooming plants for the balcony or a large impressing cactus to be an eye-catcher in the office.

Orchids, palm or olive trees, herbaceous perennial plants, grasses or ornamental plants - planted in the right pot all these plants can unfold themselves wonderfully. Nobody has to renounce a beautiful green surrounding because planting is so easy with our plant pots. Today there are planters with irrigation system that provide plants with the best possible irrigation. These special planters are equipped with special inserts with a water level indicator. With this system the plant always gets the right amount of water and nutrients.

The insert provides a water reservoir by leaving a space in between the actual bottom which is filled with water and an intermediate bottom. The plant draws the required amount of water from this reservoir. A water level indicator shows the water level in the flowerpot.

However, inserts including an irrigation system are not always recommended for plant pots.

If very large plants with a large root system are planted in a plant trough, an inner container limits the volume of the flowerpot. This prevents the plant from unfolding itself to the desired extent. The use of plant inserts should also be avoided in outdoor areas, as water logging could damage the planter and the plants.

How to plant correctly:

When buying the plants, check their light preferences. It is a good idea to buy your plants in a specialist shop where a trained staff will advice you about the best plants for your requirements because not all types of plants are suitable for plant pots.

If the plant pot is used outdoors, the drainage of excess rainwater must be ensured. Therefore holes should be drilled in the bottom of the planter. You can use a 10 mm wood or stone drill for this purpose. A 2 cm layer of gravel, foamed clay or sand has proved to be a good drainage. It is also recommended to put an anti-weed fabric over this layer to prevent the soil to be washed out. At least, you fill the planter with soil and you start planting. Please note, that good soil is a must. Then the soil should be well moistened. It is usually best to plant flowers in spring from February to July because the temperatures are not too cold and not too hot. Only bulbs should be planted in autumn.

Plant pots made of fiberglass, plastic, poly rattan are a wonderful way to design your garden according to your ideas. You can transform your surrounding in a "Peaceful Green Oasis" by simple means.

In our online shop you will find a large selection of flower pots made of fiberglass, plastic, water hyacinth and poly rattan. If you have any questions about flower pots, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service.