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plant pots

Plant pots are getting more and more popular to decorate and design interior and exterior spaces e.g. living rooms, offices, patios, balconies and especially gardens. With the right planter you can easily create little green oases or use them as interior design elements. Modern plant pots are available in all kind of shapes and sizes. But the most distinguished feature is that all modern planters are made out of robust, hard-wearing materials such as fibreglass, plastic or stainless steel.

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Plant Pots made of Fibreglass

Fibreglass plant pots are made out of synthetic resin and fibreglass. They are very stable, UV-resistant, weatherproof and can also endure temperatures below 0C. Hence your plant pots can remain outdoors all year long and do not have to be properly stored during winter. The plant pots have a very ?natural? look and touch. They are hard to take apart from flower pots made out of natural materials such as stone, clay or terracotta. Planters and plant troughs made out of terracotta are quite fragile and therefore not very robust. Instead of that, fibreglass plant pots are way more hard-wearing and are also weather- and frostproof. On the contrary, these fibreglass planters can stay oustide all year long, while the one made out of terracotta could be damaged by temperatures below zero.

Plastic Plant Pots

Plant pots made out of plastic are also very stable, robust, weather- and frost-proof. An additional benefit is that plastic plant pots are very lightweight. They can easily be transported or placed somewhere else. Another advantage is that plastic as a raw material for plant pots offers almost limitless colour variations. Furthermore, DECORAS plastic plant pots are made out of UV-resistant plastic pellets ? the sunlight is not discolouring the plant pots. If you need help with your order, or having further questions do not hesitate and contact our customer service. The team of will gladly assist you. Do you need a large trough planter? Please visist our trough planter category. There you can find a large selection of plant and flower troughs.