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Fibreglass is increasingly becoming the first choice of designers and landscapers for indoor & outdoor in homes and businesses. Fibreglass is an extremely resilient and durable material suitable for manufacturing plant troughs and other containers in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

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Advantages of Fibreglass Planters

Fibreglass is a highly versatile composite of glass-fibre matting and plastic, offering several benefits over traditional materials. For one thing, plant pots made of fibreglass are relatively lightweight. This makes them easier to carry and reposition. On top of that, fibreglass can be designed in a virtually endless variety of colours, surfaces, and finishes. This allows you to enjoy the look of ceramics, stone, or other finish whist benefiting from the durability of fibreglass. Our lovely anthracite-coloured planters are especially popular with customers. Furthermore, fibreglass is weatherproof and UV-resistant making it resilient enough for long-term use outdoors. The many advantages of fibreglass make not only suited for the production of flower pots and planters, but also popular in many other industries and applications due to its resilience and low weight.

Wide selection of fibreglass planters

As already mentioned, Fibreglass is a highly versatile material, from which plant pots can be easily manufactured in different forms and colours. Our customers are particularly fond of natural-looking surfaces in traditional colours like anthracite or grey. Through our secure online shop, we offer fibreglass pots in a broad range of shapes, sizes, and designs. From small flower pots and plant pillars to big plant troughs that are perfect for use as room partitions, we have plenty of options to bring your vision to life.

Our section is not limited to fibreglass planters. Our shop also contains a vast selection of planters made of plastic and stainless steel. Recent product additions are planters made of Polyrattan as well as planters with an integrated LED-illumination system.