Planters Plastic

Our plastic planters are especially lightweight. This makes them easier to carry or reposition, even after the planters have been filled with soil. Our plastic plant pots are extremely resilient, weatherproof, and UV-resistant, designed to withstand even harsh outdoor conditions. Our plastic flower pots are made to provide attractive, functional style for years to come. This also means our customers can enjoy the beauty of our plastic planters outdoors without having to worry about moving them inside for the winter.

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Plastic Planters for indoors and outdoors

Due to their stability and UV-resistance, our high-quality plastic plant and flower pots can be used for both indoors and outdoors. Thus, plastic planters are not only suited for decorating entrance halls of companies or hotels, but also for private living areas. The diversity of shapes and numerous possible variations in colour extend the number of uses for these flower pots.

Plastic Planters with irrigation systems

Plastic planters and plant troughs specifically designed for indoor use are often equipped with an irrigation system. A water reservoir below the plant insert conveniently makes sure that the required amount of water is released, e.g. when you are absent during your holiday. A water level gauge signals when the reservoir needs to be refilled. A combination of planter and irrigation system can either be filled with soil or plant granules.

As a great alternative to plastic plant pots, we also offer a large choice of fibreglass and stainless steel planters in our online shop. Recent additions are planters made of Polyrattan as well as planters with an integrated LED-illumination.