Planters Stainless Steel

Planters and plant pots are available in many different sizes, materials and shapes. However, the timeless beauties that provide any environment with a noble look are undisputedly stainless steel planters. Planters made of brushed stainless steel are not only dramatic and stylish in their appearance but also very easy-care.

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Stainless Steel as a Material for Planters

These flower pots made of stainless steel are rust-free and virtually indestructible. The production of stainless steel planters takes place in a thorough procedure: The stainless steel sheet is cut and welded, then the surface is brushed again, especially at the welding edges. Large stainless steel flower pots are normally stationed in offices, hotel foyers and entrance areas. There, these flower pots create an elegant atmosphere and bring the inserted plants into effect. The high-class V2A stainless steel, which excels in its durability and shiny appearance, is usually used for planters.

In our online shop you not only find numerous plant pots made of stainless steel, but also a large selection of plastic and fibreglass planters. Recent additions are planters made of Polyrattan as well as planters with an integrated LED-illumination.