Which planter is right for you?

2015-12-19 15:29:00 /
Which planter is right for you?  - Fibreglass, stainless steel and plastic planters await

Each gardener has their own tricks of the trade that they employ when cultivating growth in their plants. Some prefer to implement gardening advice that’s been passed down through the centuries while others take to Google to research the newest and most effective gardening methods. All of these unique tillers of the land come with their own individual preferences. Such preferences necessitate using different types of planters for their herbs and vegetables. Here’s a quick guide to plant-gardener matchmaking.

Plant Trough

Are you the type of person who pairs certain plants with each other, with full knowledge of how those plants can be expected to interact and influence each other? Do you prefer making the most of the space available and planting a number of herbs in the same planter? If this sounds like you, then a plant trough may just be the right fit for your gardening style. If you’re planning on bringing the garden indoors this winter you may want to consider using a plant trough to grow your favourite herbs.

Fibreglass Planters

For the style conscious gardener, fibreglass planters might just be calling your name. Our collection of fibreglass planters come in all different shapes, sizes, and degrees of lustre. We offer a number of finely matted finished planters that look so good they can even function as stand-alone pieces. While these planters would look amazing in the household they can also stand up against the elements: rain, snow, freezing temperatures, or any other of the conditions we might be anticipating in the weeks ahead).

Plastic Planters

Our plastic planters are largely designed as indoor planters. While you’ll be able to find a variety of sizes we do have a myriad of single-plant planters that are ideal for the odd plant in need of a cosy and fashionable home. These planters are also weatherproof, frost-proof, long-lasting, and UV-resistant. So while they were designed to function indoors they can also be used outdoors no matter how cold or bright the weather is.

Planters Stainless Steel

Whenever you hear the words stainless steel, you know that the product in question will be long lasting and resilient. When it comes to a planter, you know that the product will be able to withstand the nastiest of English winters. These planters are ideal homes for carrots, onions, lettuces, and other winter veggies that prefer to grow in a cool or damp climate.