There is nothing more comfortable and cosy than a crackling bonfire in a summer evening. For this purpose, a fire bowl is the perfect choice if you don't have a stonewalled fireplace. Portable fire pits are the solution for enjoyable campfires in gardens.

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Design and material of fire bowls

Fire pits are generally made out of heat-resistant metal. Well-known materials, which are used for the production of firebowls, are e.g. steel and cast iron. In regards to the design, firepits oftentimes have a round or oval shape. In addition, a great interest is shown for firebowls made out of torispherical heads. Occasionally, firepits with a rectangular or square base area are also available. Our assortment gives you the possibility to choose amongst these different types of firebowls.

Fire pits are much more than just a fireplace

Since the looks and appearances of gardens become more and more important, the design of fire bowls play a more significant role. Fire pits should not only serve as conventional fireplaces but also have to function as modern decoration elements for gardens. E.g. fire pits made of stainless steel are eye-catchers due to heir elegant and fine design. Also fire bowls with a rusty surface are becoming more and more popular. Thanks to their unique patina, these fire pits have an antique-looking appearance. A fire bowl can further be combined with a swivel grill and is therefore perfectly suitable for barbeques.

If you want to use your firepit outdoors on your patio, be sure that your patio is made out of fireproof material e.g. stone or concrete. We strictly recommend not to use any firepits on a wooden patio or other flammable grounds. During use the firepit can emit a lot of heat which can burn nearby objects. Hence, make sure that the firepit has enough distance to any flammable materials.

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