Plant troughs

Trough planters are popular design elements for both interior and outdoor areas (e.g. for your garden or patio). Large plants in decorative planters add a design element in the house, on the balcony, in the terrace, and in the garden. The elongated shape of a plant or flower trough can help define a space, divide a room, or simply add interest along a wall or walkway. Planters utilize either soil or hydro stones.

We offer a huge selection of planters, garden troughts and trough planters in different sizes, shapes, materials and colours. Planting troughs are available in a choice of materials, designed to provide options for every taste and requirement. Options include stainless steel, fiberglass, metal or plastic. Our handy search feature enables you to filter your options based on shape, size, colour, material, and whether the trough will be used indoors, outdoors, or both.

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Choose the appropriate plant trough

When purchasing a large planter or trough planter, you should consider the types of plants to include. Shrubby plants and small trees need lots of space for their root systems so you'll want to select a trough planter with adequate size to accommodate that. If you plan to plant young plants, keep in mind that these plants will need additional space for their roots as they mature.

If the planter will be kept outdoors, select from our durable options designed to withstand temperature changes and UV-light. These types of planters will maintain their lovely exterior without needing to be brought indoors during the winter. Many of our planters are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

There are a broad range of colours and textures available for each flower through. Whether to favour a natural stone-like appearance or sleek look of ceramics, we have a great selection of troughs and planters to meet your needs.

Proper plant maintenance

Planters and planting boxes that are intended for exposure to the elements should include a water drainage system. If the rain is heavy, the soil can become oversaturated with water which can damage the plant's roots. For this reason, holes should be drilled into the bottom of the outdoor containers to allow excess water to safely drain away. For interior use, it is important to include a drainage layer of clay or gravel in the bottom of the planter. This layer helps to protect against excessive moisture in the soil and prevent root rot. It must first be introduced into the planting trough, which usually consists of expanded clay or gravel. If you are planting young trees or climbing vines, be sure to provide them with stakes or trellis to support them as they grow. offers a wide selection of plant pots, garden planters, trough planters and garden troughs. Our Plant Trough VISO 50 Plastic in charcoal-grey is very popular. This trough planter has quite large dimensions with a total lenght of 100cm. This garden trough meets highest quality standards and is solely produced in Germany. If you'd like to have more informations about our trough planters, our customer service will be glad to assist you.