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LED planters

LED plant pots are an easy way to illuminate your garden, patio or garden path. With the use of LED planters you can easily create a comfortable ambience. Furthermore, LED planters are very cost-effective as they have a very low power demand. All LED plant pots come with their own power supply unit. The power cable is splash-proof according to IP 44.

Durable plastic planters with LED lighting

All our LED flower pots are made out of durable, UV- and weather-resistant plastic granulate. Therefore, all planters are long lasting and can remain outdoors during winter. Rain, frost and other weather conditions cannot damage the plant pots. Furthermore, all LED planters are equipped with an integrated drainpipe system which prevents waterlogging. This also increases their durability. Most of our LED planters are available in two different versions: one version has a LED unit which emits a glooming white light and the other version has a unit which can emit all natural colours.